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Gold Medal Classroom 2018 Article Index

Gold Medal Classroom 2018 Article Index

01 December 2018

Miss one GMC story and you may miss a valuable culinary resource.

By Lisa Parrish, GMC Editor

Gold Medal Classroom (GMC) is a culinary educator’s regular and reliable resource. Each month instructors discover informative articles focusing on topics from flavor trends to new applications ready for teaching in culinary kitchens. Culinary columnists present ideas on teaching students at all levels, from high school to four-year degree programs as well as topics which appeal to program directors and deans.

Miss an edition and you may have bypassed valuable, useable information. Many articles contain links to additional resources such as web sites and videos that may be helpful in classroom instruction.

Peruse the list of 2018 GMC articles. Read stories you may have missed or refresh yourself on columns you found interesting. Look for features that focus on the movers and shakers in the culinary industry, tips and ideas for classroom instruction, and instructional resources from the foodservice industry.

Did you miss any articles from the new-this-year series, Meet the Growers? If so, look through that section and discover where food comes from.

Think Tank, 50 Minute Classroom, Mayo’s Clinic and David Pazmino’s Guest Column series are indexed and available for you to read, re-read and learn something new.

Each month CAFÉ sends an edition announcement informing you there are new stories on the website www.CafeMeetingPlace.com. If you are not receiving these emails, please click here to register for the notice. You won’t miss another GMC story in 2019!

People doing interesting things.

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Tips and ideas for classroom lessons.

Instructor resources from the foodservice industry.

This new GMC column featured farmers, growers and various professionals who are responsible for beginning the food cycle. From produce to proteins, educators gained insight into the knowledge and care taken to bring food right to the kitchen door. Read the stories and enter the world of sun, soil, rain and feed to find out where food comes from.

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  • Raspberries: How does a cool climate – with summer temperatures hovering in the mid-70s and moderate winters – sound? It should sound great if you are a red raspberry farmer. Rob Dhaliwal, Samson Farms owner. Everson, Wash.
  • Avocados: Santa Barbara sun, shade and avocados. A California avocado farmer’s perspective on the practices and rewards of avocado cultivation.
  • Pears: Preparing a Pear. The benefits of volcanic ash soil, sun and mountain streams are revealed in delicious pears from fresh Anjou to the peeled, poached and canned Bartlett.
  • Prunes: From his rodeo fruit farming father to his business partner brother Richard, John Taylor continues his family’s prune farming legacy.
  • Beef: Tending to cattle just like family sets the Prescott ranch apart. 
  • Watermelon: vegetable in disguise or misunderstood fruit? Ask fifth generation watermelon farmer, entrepreneur and agribusiness student Jessie Wiggins. 
  • Onion: From a WW II Japanese internment camp to a Colorado desert onion farm, two generations of the Sakata family have found a farming home on the range. 
  • Turkey: Thanksgiving Day turkeys grown from poult with care, love and experience in northern Minnesota. One turkey even turned up in Washington, D.C. 


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