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Jan 20, 2022, 20:33
January 2022 Issue

January 2022 Issue

Gold Medal Classroom: 
The official ezine for CAFE  |  January 2022 issue


November GMC CoverClassics reimagined: Five chefs describe their methods of updating classic dishes and advise culinary students learning the art of innovation. 

Culinary student Lauren Peterson earns scholarship, donation and foodservice experience for winning recipe in the first Wrap Battle.  
Culinary educators can continue their education through online courses from top-notch training programs.


paul sorgule green map

Columnist Dr. Jennifer Denlinger: In search of grandmothers’ recipes. Finding and cooking family recipes is like rediscovering childhood comfort and peace.
50 Minute Classroom: Teaching oral kitchen communication. Excellent communication skills include skillfully addressing various audiences with different tactics ensuring the message is both heard and understood.
Think Tank: Key elements covered in a successful roadmap guiding culinary students and professionals.


Sean Resers head shotChef Profile: Career Path Insights will focus on professional chefs from various facets of the foodservice industry. Culinarians answer questions delving into their views of current foodservice developments and how culinary students can obtain positions within their industries.
Sean Dwigans: Reser’s Fine Foods Culinary Business Development Manager


Breaking news Goya smallGoya Foods offers $20,000 Culinary Arts and Food Science Scholarships to four students nationwide.



CAFÉ’s Industry Resource Center lists more than 80 commodity boards, associations and growers with links to their foodservice websites. Educators can find classroom visual aids, downloadable materials, blogs, videos and research. Featured industries include poultry, seafood, produce and dairy just to name a few.

CAFÉ Vision
CAFE’s own Dr. Fred Mayo presents a keynote address describing strategies, structures and styles for energizing the classroom. Also available on the page for downloading is the PowerPoint presentation that Dr. Mayo used during his presentation.Duck

CAFÉ Industry Resource Center FeatureMaple Leaf Farms
Maple Leaf Farm’s website details several popular duck cooking techniques including how to deconstruct a whole duck, roast a duck, carve a roast duck, deep fry a whole duck, and cook a duck breast. The site includes technique videos, tips and tricks, and frequently asked questions about duck preparations.