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May 22, 2019, 17:42
May 2019 Issue

May 2019 Issue

The Gold Medal Classroom: 
The official ezine for CAFE  |  May 2019 issue


Flavor Pairings web

Watermelon is ready for the season with international flavor pairings and a downloadable pairing chart for the culinary classroom.

Introducing students to fruit flavors beyond the apple-banana-orange range builds taste and an understanding of fine foods.



Mayo’s Clinic: Dr. Fred Mayo illustrates the importance of attitude and behavior when resolving customer service issues. Did the server thank the complainer?

Think Tank: A culinary educator’s summer project: How to collectively face challenges head on and create outcomes that demonstrate education’s importance to the success of a changing food industry?

50 Minute Classroom: The centennial article index: A summer reading project for teachers and new and returning students.


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Mushrooms: True or false: Light is needed for food to grow? The answer: false, especially if the food you are growing is a fungus. Shining the light on growing mushrooms in the dark. 


CAFE Logo 2015 mark only

Winston Foodservice announces an award of equipment to Tennessee Franklin Special School District.

Campbell’s Foodservice launches a video series that offers industry insights, segment trends, menu ideas and more.


CAFÉ’s Industry Resource Center lists more than 80 commodity boards, associations and growers with links to their foodservice web sites. Educators can find classroom visual aids, downloadable materials, blogs, videos and research. Industries featured include meat, poultry, seafood, produce and dairy just to name a few.

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Click here to learn how Chef Adam Weiner teaches students to pickle fruits and vegetables. As an added bonus, click here to educate yourself on pickling produce from onions to mangos.

CAFE Industry Resource Center Feature: 
Oregon Raspberries and Blackberries
Did you know that raspberries and blackberries are caneberries? That is a berry that grows on a cane. Raspberries and blackberries are also known as aggregate fruits, because the whole berry is formed of a cluster of many juice-filled sacks called drupelets. This site features information on the 11 varieties available from Oregon. Additionally, instructors can discover the health and nutritional value of these amazing berries as well as videos, recipes and research reports.