CAFE Events

Jul 30, 2021, 5:36

CAFÉ Events

The Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education (CAFE) announces its line-up of 2017-2018 Workshops and its annual Leadership Conference, open to all educators teaching in secondary and postsecondary foodservice-training programs as well as trainers. Experiencing steady growth and popularity annually since 2003, CAFE’s trainer-specific programming is the most targeted and relevant to today’s culinary and baking/pastry students. Mary Petersen, the founder and executive director of CAFE, has devoted more than 20 years to promoting the professional development of foodservice educators. Continuing-education units are available to participants.

2018 Call for Proposals

2018 Call for Proposals

Welcome to the fall season – a perfect time to think about presenting your ideas or some of your successful teaching techniques at the 2018 Café Leadership Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.