Guest Speakers

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Guest Speaker: Why Networking Is So Important for Career Growth

Monday, 05 April 2010 22:06

By Laura Vaughn, MCFE

guest_april10Encouraging students to participate in professional organizations can help them excel in their careers.

As president of the Northern Illinois branch of the International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA) and a culinary educator, I recognize the value of participating in a professional organization. Students and recent graduates, however, can also benefit from belonging to IFSEA, even if their careers in the culinary industry have yet to begin.

Finding jobs in today's market is difficult, and making professional connections is often instrumental to getting one’s foot in the door and advancing in the industry. IFSEA supports students in networking and mentorship, and the more they participate, the greater the benefits to their careers.

My role as a culinary educator is to train students to master the foundations of their craft so they can get a job. But technical skills are only a portion of the tools needed for successful career growth in the hospitality or culinary industry. I'm often asked, “What are some skills that I need to climb the ladder” in order to rise to the top of the field? My reply is this: Mastering the basics of the culinary arts is important, but equally important is making contacts within your chosen field, and learning how to interact professionally with those contacts.

Guest Speaker: Aspiring Gen Y Cooks Dish on Culinary Trends

Saturday, 27 February 2010 19:55

By Sharon Olson

guest_march10A recent survey of Culinology® students in their 20s and early 30s underscores interest in innovative, green and healthy cooking. What does it all mean for tomorrow’s menus?

Soon-to-be culinary professionals identified as part of Generation Y—the menu-makers of tomorrow—are starting to influence dining trends, from the use of molecular gastronomy to the increasing incorporation of artisan, farmstead and locally produced ingredients.

Guest Speaker: The (R&D) Road Less Travelled

Saturday, 30 January 2010 16:56

By Harry J. Crane

guest_feb10The president of the Research Chefs Association encourages creative and science-minded students to explore Culinology®.

Your students may have a deep love for the culinary arts, and many may also have a desire to explore careers outside of foodservice. The growing area of food research and development (R&D) offers opportunities for those who want to expand their careers into this niche. Exploring the discipline of Culinology®—the blending of culinary arts and food science—is the first step toward becoming a research chef.

Guest Speaker: Fork-Tender/Tough Love and the Zen of Classroom Management

Thursday, 17 December 2009 16:09

By Victor J. McNulty

guest_jan10To the ACCSC’s Instructor of the Year, a bad student is any good teacher’s job. The trick is to inspire the uninspired.

Gordon Ramsay aside, the days of screaming chefs ruling with an iron fist over the kitchen kingdom has pretty much ended, in the U.S., anyway. We now live in a litigious/PC society where such behavior can get you into hot water, pun intended. If the chef should raise his or her voice, throw an item or mention an employee’s questionable upbringing, the ensuing results would not be worth the momentary satisfaction.

Most people are not motivated negatively, or at least not motivated to please their aggressor. They may even be driven to quit, steal, complain to a superior, vandalize, contact agencies like the Department of Labor and the Better Business Bureau, fist-fight or the crème de la crème (pun fully intended) of contacting the dreaded harassment lawyer. I’ve seen all the above.

Guest Speaker: When the Second Act Is Better than the First

Monday, 23 November 2009 13:08

By Peggy Ryan

guest_nov09Transcripts of the acceptance speech of Women Chefs & Restaurateurs’ 2009 Educator of the Year.

If you had told me in 1989 that I would be named Educator of the Year by WCR in 2009, I would have been completely flabbergasted.

In 1989 I was the chef and owner of a popular and well-regarded regional Italian restaurant in Evanston, Illinois, Va Pensiero.