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Flavorful, Versatile and Oh, So Good for You

Saturday, 31 March 2012 20:30

food1a_april12If any restaurant understands olive oil, it’s one named Extra Virgin. Here, the executive chef of the Arlington, Va., eatery extols the virtues of olive oil beyond the flavor it imparts to dishes.

Anytime is a good time to consider heart health. After all, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in America, killing more than 600,000 people yearly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even making small changes in your lifestyle and diet can add up to big results, over time. One such change that can give people a healthy benefit for the heart and beyond is to make the switch to olive oil.

Customization, Specialization and Fusion 2.0

Sunday, 04 March 2012 12:01

Kraft Foodservice offers its top 12 trend predictions for 2012

The chefs at the Kraft Culinary Centre pulled from their industry experience, culinary savvy and uncanny intuition. The result? Twelve insightful predictions on what will shape foodservice in 2012.

1. Customization Reigns
Freeman Moser III, senior executive chef
Customization allows you to create a unique interaction with your diner. I saw Pine & Gilmore deliver a lecture years ago about mass customization, where they stressed the need in recognizing that customers are “markets of one.” That resonates deeply in today’s foodservice culture. Fast casuals are succeeding here: Panera Bread’s “You Pick 2™” is a great example of allowing diners to choose their experience.

The Dish on Catering

Sunday, 04 March 2012 11:58

food3_march12Current and emerging trends as revealed at the 20th-annual Catersource Conference & Tradeshow in Las Vegas last month.

Courtesy of Olson Communications

Catersource is the leading catering-specific tradeshow in the United States that features food, equipment, serving ware and professional services. Caterers can see creative concepts and new, money-saving resources as they network with foodservice experts and industry leaders.

The conference is also marked by exclusive events such as the culinary challenge tabletop competitions, catering-excellence achievements and the coveted CATIE (Catered Arts Through Innovative Excellence) awards.

Here are highlights of the 2012 conference and trade show, Feb. 26-29, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Soup and Salad with That?

Sunday, 04 March 2012 11:56

food2_march12Restaurants show big growth in demand for soup and salad menu items, finds Technomic.

Away-from-home soup and salad purchases are on the rise, as consumers seek light, healthy and affordable fare. A variety of portion sizes featuring soup/salad options on different areas of the menu allows consumers to tailor their meals specifically to their needs. Whether it’s a cup or bowl, side or entrée, 61% of consumers now order soup at least occasionally during restaurant visits, up from 52% just two years ago. Salads have grown even more; nearly half of consumers now order salad all or most of the time, compared to 34% a year ago.

Authentically Ethnic

Sunday, 04 March 2012 11:53

food1_march12Italian is so mainstream it might as well be considered American cuisine, reports Mintel. Meanwhile, growing interest in genuine ethnic fare aligns with a broader consumer trend, “The Real Thing.”

Ethnic food preparation and consumption has been on the rise over the past several years and, according to Mintel’s latest research, it will continue its growth. But what’s most important to consumers when it comes to their favorite ethnic fare? Authenticity. Two-thirds of Mintel respondents who eat ethnic food at home say authentic or traditional flavors is the most important factor when buying or eating ethnic food.

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