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Feb 28, 2021, 14:37
Lesson Plan: Makin’ Bacon

Lesson Plan: Makin’ Bacon

Wednesday, 29 April 2015 03:00

NAMI’s Ultimate Guide to Bacon video provides an inside look at how bacon is made; a companion brochure features bacon facts and history.

It is the meat that has become an American obsession, once eaten solely for breakfast, but now found wrapped around other foods, infused into cocktails and even made into personal-care products. To honor bacon’s role as a cultural icon, the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) has developed a new Ultimate Guide to Bacon, featuring a video tour of a bacon processing plant and downloadable companion brochure with bacon facts, history and more.

The video is the newest installment in NAMI’s Glass Walls series, taking viewers inside a typical bacon processing plant. It shows how bacon is made from harvesting the animal to separating the belly to curing and smoking the meat to cutting and packaging the finished product.

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