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Lesson Plan: Turning a Side of Beef into Primal Cuts

Lesson Plan: Turning a Side of Beef into Primal Cuts

07 December 2015

A meat fabrication workshop taught students how to take a steer from hindquarter and forequarter sections to primal cuts to cooked porter house steak.

By Chef Alan Lazar CCE, M.Ed., Johnson & Wales University, Miami

Students at Johnson and Wales University, Miami, were presented with an opportunity to learn step-by-step instruction on fabricating a 550 pound grass-fed Angus steer. Florida Fresh Meats in Summerfield, FL, sponsored the workshop for our students to cut and taste local beef still on the bone.

Several students learned about farm to table beef fabrication. It took them four hours to cut, package, label and store all the beef. We noticed the beef did not have very much fat, which was good because we are paying for the protein while keeping in mind that intramuscular or marbling fat does add flavor. The aging of the beef provided a nice flavor too, which is a big change from a store-purchased, grain-fed beef.

The steer weighed 550 pounds and after trimming and tasting we had 490 pounds left which was an 89% yield. We calculated the cost of the steer was $6.74 per pound. We smelled the freshness and saw the true color of cherry-red meat as opposed to just opening plastic bags of meat. The students thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.

Click here to see Chef Lazar’s step-by-step pictures and workshop instructions.

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