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Mar 4, 2021, 0:51
Dole Swings Into 2016 With Caribbean-Inspired Flavor Pairings

Dole Swings Into 2016 With Caribbean-Inspired Flavor Pairings

Now in its sixth year, the annual DOLE® Flavor Pairings is a prediction of exciting fruit- and vegetable-centric flavor combinations currently reflected in popular menu trends.

For 2016, Dole® turns to the Caribbean, a grand arc of islands that curves east and south from Florida to the coast of Venezuela. The islands and surrounding lands are soothed by a warm and balmy, tropical climate. Plants grow in abandon–coconut, bananas, mango, sugar cane, tomatoes and peppers among them–providing locals with the basis for the unique dishes of their richly flavored and colorful cuisines.

The 2016 DOLE® Flavor Pairings present innovative new ways to think about fruits and vegetables in both familiar and exotic combinations. Drawing inspiration from the foods and traditions of Barbados, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Panama, Dole® brings native flavors to the forefront with pairings like Mandarin and Lime, Sofrito and Beans, Mango and Jerk, and Banana and Allspice. Recipes range from Caribbean Banana Coconut Chicken, Sofrito Moro, Allspice Banana Cake, and Caribbean Slaw.   

Read more about the 2016 DOLE® Flavor Pairings and the ingredients that inspired this year’s featured recipes at and follow the links to your favorite dishes.

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