Lesson Plans

Dec 18, 2017, 14:31

Lesson Plan: U.S. Farm-Raised Fish and Shellfish

A free classroom offer to teach students why menuing domestically raised fish and seafood is an important way to keep both customers and the bottom line happy.

Courtesy of the National Aquaculture Association

Restaurant goers love fish and shellfish! More than two-thirds of all seafood consumption in the United States takes place outside the home. U.S. farm-raised fish and shellfish are consistent in price, quality and availability, and the predictable supply helps in menu planning and cost projection. What’s more, many U.S. farm-raised fish and shellfish are available in portion-controlled, individually quick-frozen forms that eliminate waste and ensure ease of preparation.

Buying locally farmed fish and shellfish also helps to ensure the freshness of the product and reduces the carbon footprint. This local, green connection helps to tell a story on the menu. Many restaurants purchase exclusively from one farm and use this connection as a marketing hook.

Lesson Plan: The Professional Chef Discovers Maine Lobster

From recipes to roe, and from properly extracting meat from the shell and paring it with wines, this free online learning course from The Culinary Institute of America is suitable for culinary-arts students in class and as homework.

The Culinary Institute of America has launched a free online learning course, “The Professional Chef Discovers Maine Lobster.” The program provides a crash course in all things Maine lobster, including chef-tested recipes, all downloadable and demonstrated in streaming HD video by CIA Chef Scott Samuel and some special guest chefs.

Sponsored by the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative, “The Professional Chef Discovers Maine Lobster” takes viewers to the coastal waters of Maine as lobstermen pull up their catches and into the kitchens of the CIA’s Greystone campus in Napa Valley.

Lesson Plan: Calculate Cost of Idaho Potatoes per Serving Online

Lesson Plan: Calculate Cost of Idaho Potatoes per Serving Online

 The Idaho Potato Commission’s Cost & Size page ensures less waste, more cost-effective orders.

For students in cost-control classes, the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) has added another essential foodservice tool to its online resources. The IPC cost and size calculators help take the guesswork out of purchasing Idaho® Potatoes. From carton to plate, users can rely on these tools to give them real-time numbers for keeping food costs in line.  

To access the Idaho Potato Commission Cost & Size page, click on the toolbar link at https://idahopotato.com/foodservice/cost-and-size. The IPC has also made it easy to order a physical copy of the size guide and cost calculator.

Lesson Plan: Maximize Meals with Mushrooms

The Culinary Institute of America introduces an online learning experience focusing on the “blendability” of mushrooms at ciaprochef.com.

The Culinary Institute of America introduces a free online learning course, “Maximize Meals with Mushrooms!” available at http://www.ciaprochef.com/mushrooms/index.html?source=HomeBanner&segment=Mushrooms. Inspired by the meaty nature of mushrooms, the course highlights the creative potential of mushrooms blended with meat—an idea that boosts flavor, enhances nutrition and saves money.

“Maximize Meals with Mushrooms!”explores this concept of “blendability” in recipes drawn from global kitchens, from Mexico to Italy to China. The e-learning course includes chef-tested recipes, all downloadable and demonstrated in streaming video by CIA chef-instructor Bill Briwa, CEC.

Lesson Plan: All Things Potatoes

Potato prep problems? Your students are one click away from the solution. Questions about au gratin, baked, mashed, potato salad and french fries are answered online.

Courtesy of the Idaho Potato Commission

Here’s a scenario to offer students: It’s the middle of the dinner rush, and the french fries are coming out of the fryer darker than usual. What’s an operator to do when a potato-preparation crisis arises?

Have them head to the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) All Things Potatoes page. As the potato industry’s best resource for product information (varieties, handling, storage) and usage (preparation tips and recipes), the IPC collected targeted solutions and recommended recipes for five potato menu standards: All Things Au Gratin Potatoes, All Things Baked Potatoes, All Things Mashed Potatoes, All Things Potato Salads and All Things French Fried Potatoes.

Under each heading, students can browse Dr. Potato’s posts on best practices, optimal outcomes and profitability tips. Scrolling down, the IPC provides technique videos and a wide-ranging selection of recipes in each category. Future plans to expand available topics include hash browns and potato skins.

While students visit www.foodservice.idahopotato.com, have them check out the IPC’s comprehensive recipe database, refer to a helpful size guide and Idaho® potato preparation tips, find answers and solutions to operational and culinary FAQs, or ask Dr. Potato a question.