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May 26, 2020, 0:12
February is officially Potato Lover’s Month

February is officially Potato Lover’s Month

The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) invites chef educators to celebrate Potato Lover’s Month during February by visiting Accessible anytime, the IPC’s website is a valuable repository of product information, food planning tools, preparation insights and the IPC’s extensive collection of varied and trend-forward potato recipes.

The IPC is featuring three innovative new potato applications selected for Potato Lovers Month. Chips and dip? Burrata Baby Idaho® Potato Chips takes snacking to a new level with a creamy Italian cheese and Idaho® Peewee potato chips. Housemade Idaho® Potato Chips put a southern spin on form, topping them with warmed blue cheese and finely sliced scallions. For a sturdier appetizer/first course, Idaho® Russet chips surround a flavorful beef filling in Idaho® Potato Tot Casserole Wontons. While crisp and rich on their own, consumers can gild their Idaho® Potato wontons with a creamy beef sauce and green onion purée.

Also, on the website, culinary instructors may find helpful size guides, Idaho® potato preparation tips, as well as operational and culinary FAQs.