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Get to Know Your Mango Offers Instructors Nutritional Information

Get to Know Your Mango Offers Instructors Nutritional Information

30 March 2017

The National Mango Board’s web page “Get to know your mango” offers thorough answers to FAQs about mangos and their nutritional content.

Fresh mango’s popularity is growing. It’s time foodservice professionals–educators, chefs, food scientists, dietitians and foodservice directors–caught up with nutritional benefits of this globally popular superfruit. 

The “Get to Know Your Mango” web page introduces the National Mango Board’s (NMB) comprehensive page of frequently asked mango nutrition questions. For example: “Can mangos be eaten on a low carb diet?” and “Can you eat mangos if you are diabetic?” Answers to these and other in-depth nutrition questions, along with basic facts, serving size, allergens, natural sugar content, and the fruit’s impressive nutrient benefits can be found on this page.

The NMB also offers nutrition professionals additional resources, including links to studies investigating the effects of mango consumption on metabolism and body weight, blood glucose control, digestive health, and much more.

“In this age of health-conscious consumers, nutrition messages are extremely powerful as a marketing tool,” states Rachel Muñoz, Director of Marketing at the NMB. “Consumers are hungry for information on how to stay healthier longer. Combined with the delicious flavor of mangos, nutrition messages may be a big win for brands and restaurants offering this superfruit as a menu item.”

For more information about fresh mangos, as well as tools and resources for educators and foodservice operators, visit mango.org/foodservice.

Photo courtesy of the National Mango Board.