Teaching Tips

Apr 1, 2020, 1:29

CAFÉ’s “Desserts and Fine Chocolates Workshop, Florida Culinary Institute, West Palm Beach, FL

02 June 2009
  1. Instead of investing in rolling pins for fondant (wood is too porous), I go to my local hardware or plumbing supply and buy a full piece of PVC and have it cut into 18- or 20-inch pieces. (KS)
  • CRISS strategies: “in the door” activity. You hand out a half-sheet of paper to each student at the end of class, and each student writes out an answer to the assigned question. This piece of paper gets handed to the teacher as the student enters the classroom the next morning, hence “in the door.” You can also do this as an “out the door” exercise. (GS)
  • From freshman year all the way through senior year, students have to make two recipes per month. They have to type the recipe and procedure to feed 12 people. They have to take a picture of one plate. When they are finished, they will  have a portfolio of 980 recipes and photos. (PK)
  • Review of measurements/fund-raiser: Cookies in a Jar. Choose any recipe that has colorful ingredients. Layer ingredients in a mason jar. Put label/directions on a card tied around the jar with a pretty ribbon. Sell to raise money. (CH)
  • I have students do an egg project when we are studying the anatomy of an egg. They may do a live presentation, a video or use a portfolio. They must research the nutrition and present a recipe to taste. (TJ)
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