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Sep 24, 2020, 4:01
Silken Soy Purée is Now Available

Silken Soy Purée is Now Available

Silken Soy Purée can simplify recipe development by replacing or supplementing dairy ingredients and enhancing the texture of dressings, dips, desserts and more.

By The Soyfoods Council

Broaden your recipe options and tap into market for plant-based foods. As a cholesterol-free, low-fat dairy alternative, the smooth creamy texture and subtle taste of Silken Soy Purée meets a chef’s need for sweet or savory dishes alike. It is made with carefully selected USA soybeans that are double homogenized into a smooth velvety texture.

Satoshi Endo, President and CEO of Moringa Nutritional Foods, Inc. and maker of Silken Soy Purée says, “We’ve seen an uptick in plant-based foods in both retail and restaurant offerings. Because of its versatility and variety of uses, foodservice professionals can bridge the gap and meet their customers’ needs with Silken Soy Purée.”

Use Silken Soy Purée in end products that customarily call for butter, cheese, milk, or heavy cream. This pantry ingredient for professional kitchens is shelf stable and processed aseptically for foodservice and industrial markets. Silken Soy Purée helps chefs meet the increasing demand for innovative plant-based foods. With an appearance similar to heavy cream and a pH between 5.8 to 6.4, it is a versatile ingredient for a variety of applications. The flavor is mild, with a low soy aftertaste in comparison to soymilk or tofu.

“It is exciting to see new innovative soy solutions for the foodservice industry. Silken Soy Purée is a perfect plant-based solution for soups, sauces, desserts, and more,” says Linda Funk, Executive Director of The Soyfoods Council. She offers the following simple suggestions that restaurant operators can implement right away—no special recipes or sacrifices required—to create new menu items ranging from dressings and dips to desserts.

Chefs can:

  • Develop your own vegan applications, ranging from sauces and dressings to soups, meat alternatives, and beverages. For chilled soups, simply blend Silken Soy Purée with seasonal fruits or vegetables and fresh herbs.
  • Create salad dressings and dips: Silken Soy Purée adds a creamy burst of protein to dressings for mixed greens, pasta salads, summery potato salads, or macaroni salad.
  • Use Silken Soy Purée as a partial dairy replacement for customized desserts such as house-made whipped toppings, specialty ice cream, signature cheesecakes, and no-bake pie fillings made with Silken Soy Purée.

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