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Jun 29, 2022, 2:51

Sullivan University’s Erica Sung Awarded Culinary Learning Experience Scholarship

news2_oct09As a Korean-born immigrant to America, Sullivan University’s Erica Sung has always wanted to learn about American agriculture management and what Korea could learn from American farming. As the recipient of the 2009 Culinary Learning Experience Scholarship, sponsored by the Simplot Top of House Culinary Board and the Idaho Potato Commission, she had the opportunity to travel to Idaho to tour a trout farm, explore potato and onion fields and more, all with the goal of sharing her knowledge with Sullivan classmates upon her return.

“My native country, Korea, does not have a system in place to mass-produce agricultural products, so it must rely on foreign exports,” said Sung before her trip. “However, as the global culture starts to merge, Korean eating habits are becoming increasingly Westernized. I believe this trip will give me the perspective to understand where Korea may be headed in a few years. I am looking forward to sharing what I learn with my fellow students at Sullivan University.”

Sung was one of five scholarship recipients selected for the 2009 program. All were chosen based on their 500-word essays on the subject of what they wanted to get out of the scholarship and how it would affect their culinary careers.

The learning experience consisted of a four-day trip, Sept. 9-12, to Boise, where participants attended an Idaho Specialty Foods Showcase and the Taste of Idaho and toured the Clear Springs Food Trout Farm and onion and potato fields. Sung will present fellow students at Sullivan University with a multimedia presentation with the assistance of a Simplot Top of House Culinary Board member who will be available as a mentor.