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Three Digital Educational Tools for Culinary Instructors

Three Digital Educational Tools for Culinary Instructors

17 April 2020

Stay informed with an educational technology newsletter, read articles focusing on the restaurant industry’s response to COVID-19 and visit a CTE website with free digital educational resources.

By Lisa Parrish, GMC Editor

Here are three digital educational tools high school and college culinary instructors may find useful in a distance learning teaching environment.

SmartBrief on Education Technology
Instructors teaching distance learning courses may find the daily education technology newsletter from SmartBrief Education informative. The free, emailed publication features stories covering an array of topics from utilizing YouTube in classrooms, to connecting and motivating students remotely to how much screen time is good. Content is written for high school and college instructors.

Below you will find several articles pulled from five recent newsletters illustrating its content:
Online learning and making quick adjustments
Planning ahead to catch students up after missed work
School community offers free Wi-Fi in their parking lots
School districts ditch Zoom amid online security concerns
How YouTube can supplement your lesson plans
Study: Screen Time Has Little Impact on Kids’ Social Skills

Click here to read or sign up for SmartBrief on EdTech.

QSR Magazine: Coronavirus and What Restaurants Need to Know
QSR’s weekly online magazine is compiling stories and articles related to COVID-19 and the foodservice industry. Articles range from how individual restaurant chains are dealing with the pandemic to menu innovation in the current environment to how food halls have adapted to social distancing. There are more than 200 articles dating back to March 9.
Click here to see QSR’s COVID-19 story compilation.

CTE ONLINE - Career & College Ready Starts Here
CTE distance learning resources feature thousands of free digital educational materials such as PowerPoint presentations, video clips, handouts, and rubrics under the Resources tab. Also included on the site, under the Curriculum tab, are nearly 200 lessons plans in the hospitality, tourism and recreation section.
Click here to visit CTE Online and check out the Resources and Lesson Plan tabs at the top of the page.