Mar 28, 2020, 22:58
Continuing a Case for Culinary Change: Part Two

Continuing a Case for Culinary Change: Part Two

09 January 2020

 Second in a two-part series of articles focusing on how to achieve culinary education change.

By Lisa Parrish, GMC Editor

Change is inevitable and a disruptor. Change can also be exhilarating and highly rewarding. Navigating change is tumultuous. CAFÉ’s Gold Medal Classroom is focusing on how to help culinary educators understand and embrace change and benefit from its new opportunities.

More than eight articles over several months tackle different ideas about change. What leadership qualities do change agents share? What is the actual process to undergo change? What does change look like from a professional standpoint?

The goal of this double issue is to help culinary educators courageously plot their future course through change and come out on the other side as fearless and successful navigators of the next chapter in the foodservice industry.

Fearless Innovation in the Face of Unflinching Change:
* A look at leadership qualities required for guiding businesses through change. December 2019
* Successful businesses are built by change agents who share similar leadership abilities. January 2020

Culinary Education Adopters or Disruptors:
* A process to begin change that will drive culinary education into the future. December 2019
* Moving ideation forward and championing the role of culinary education disruptor. January 2020

The Change Process:
* The early-stage steps required for changing programs, courses or programmatic activities. December 2019
* The complete six essential, non-linear stages of change. January 2020

50 Min Classroom:
* Modernizing curriculum requires change. August 2019
* Changing culinary curriculum one class at a time: A vegetarianism case study from Ben Franklin to the Whooper. Change is afoot. December 2019
* Inspiration gained from making a professional change: A change in culinary education may mean leaving the field. January 2020