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Teaching Moment for Restaurateurs and Future Restaurant Managers

Teaching Moment for Restaurateurs and Future Restaurant Managers

06 May 2020

A report by the Sterling-Rice Group gives artful, innovative strategies for restaurateurs operating during Coronavirus restrictions. The report creates a teachable moment for students and employers alike.

By Lisa Parrish, GMC Editor

Necessity is the mother of invention during COVID-19 times, both on the restaurant front lines and in the newly-developed online instruction world of culinary education. Adam Weisblatt, co-owner of Found Oyster and Same Same in California, said, “You have a creative industry facing a very unique challenge. And that is spurring a lot of people to come up with ideas and approaches that they would never otherwise consider.”

Online culinary and hospitality management classes may consider the “2020 Hospitality and the New Normal” a case-study project designed to equip students with ideas about foodservice operations during crisis times. Covering three areas: people, products and place, the industry report serves as a training ground in reassuring customers and reframing their restaurant experiences.

For instance, the report delves into how to bring a community of restaurants together. It suggests that brands are rallying together in an unprecedented fashion and moving from being competitors to like-minded collaborators.

Foodservice products are covered and ways to keep customers excited and engaged with restaurants. Suggestions include serving comfort food and connectivity from pop-up delivery pods to walk-up branded stands all-the-while staying true to the brand experience.

Click here to review and download the “2020 Hospitality and the New Normal” industry report.

The report also concluded that consumers still want fresh, delicious food while adhering to stricter and constantly changing social norms. It goes one step further with suggestions on how to optimize the costumer-centric experience in the new foodservice normal.