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2019 Gold Medal Classroom Article Index

2019 Gold Medal Classroom Article Index

05 December 2019

Miss one GMC story and you might miss a valuable teaching resource.

By Lisa Parrish, GMC Editor

2889112b7ee1be3fece0f2b74fb9a783 MAnother year of “Gold Medal Classroom” (GMC) is in the books. Every issue contains stories geared toward culinary education. It’s a reliable source of information focusing on topics from flavor trends to new applications ready for teaching in culinary kitchens. Columnists present ideas on teaching students at all levels, from high school to four-year degree programs as well as topics that appeal to program directors and deans.

Even though GMC is not a book, it can be accessed over and over again at Just like your favorite cookbook, you can read articles you may have missed or refresh yourself on stories you found interesting. Look for features that focus on the movers and shakers in the culinary industry, tips and ideas for classroom instruction, and instructional resources from the foodservice industry.

OnionButterHiRez webHelp complete your knowledge of the full food cycle by reading about the farmers who work to grow the food delivered to your kitchen door. As you read the stories, perhaps you will see how farmers and chefs are alike in their desires to feed the world quality, good tasting food.

Each month CAFÉ sends an edition announcement informing you there are new stories posted on the website If you are not receiving these emails, please click here to register for the notice. You won’t miss another GMC story in 2020!



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  • 57e0b054e00bb802adda5f59a1ac15be MWalnuts: Farmer Carl Cilker found that California’s Central Valley had key requirements to grow heart-healthy walnuts. He just needed time to grow the trees.
  • Mangos: Chefs and a Puerto Rican mango farmer face similar challenges and opportunities while operating their businesses.
  • Soybeans: The versatile soybean sought after for its oil and high protein content has become an economically volatile crop over the past year.
  • Honey: A beekeeper's sweet story.
  • Mushrooms: Shining the Light on Growing Mushrooms in the Dark
  • Potatoes: Farmer Bryan Wada understands his fate is directly tied to the Idahoan ground where he both farms potatoes and lives.
  • Chickens: Eleventh-generation farmer Jenny Rhodes discusses her pride in raising chickens and farming life.
  • Corn and Whiskey: Whiskey Acres Distillery is taking the farm-to-table culinary movement and distilling it to a science on the farm.