Teaching Tips

Jun 14, 2021, 21:44

West Palm Beach (Part 3): 

02 September 2009
  • Regarding lab evaluations: I use a form which lists the points available for labwork, attendance/prep, clean-up, proper uniforms/tools, and being on time (total 10 points for the day). The competencies I use are also listed on this form under skills tests which occur every 4 weeks in each section (for example, section 1 is sweetdough and muffins, section 2 is quickbreads, section 3 is yeast bread and section 4 is cookies for a total of 16 weeks or one semester). The competencies are graded using a scall of 1=no clear indication, 2=inconsistent evidence, 3=emerging competence, 4=clear competence. (KN)
  • We evaluate teamwork twice a semester by the students filling out a “peer” evaluation form on each of the students in the class. The form has the name of each student and next to it 4 criteria: (1) on time (2) teamwork (3) supportive and (4) communication. They rate each other with excellent, very good, fair, needs work. The evaluation is anonymous and the students are asked that if they put fair or needs work, they must comment. I type up the individual comments for each student and hand them back. I total the points and that is counted towards their grade. (KN)
  • Equipment Orientation: Advanced students participate in orientation for new students. Each advanced student is assigned a piece of equipment. Before the demo, they must fill out a sheet (to use as a guide) that has: safety features, what it is used for, how to use, take apart, clean and put back together. The instructor goes over the sheet with each student to make sure they have all the correct actions. Each advanced student has a practice run in front of their peers. Peers are encouraged to ask questions or remind them if they forget a step. We have found that having to “teach” the new students is an excellent review for them. (CA)
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