Teaching Tips

Jun 28, 2022, 20:18

West Palm Beach (Part 1): 

02 September 2009
  • My teaching tip from my mother-in-law SD is…”Students don’t care what you know until they know you care.” From taking this workshop and listening to your instructors, this is a philosophy that the Florida Culinary Institute believes in as well. (KD)
  • There are many ways of incorporating culinary arts into the academic classes as well as other vocational areas of study. I enjoy team teaching and think cooperative learning can be a very positive experience for both teacher and student. I am continually searching out teachers who enjoy this same concept. It is my belief, “What good is knowledge if one cannot apply it?” Concepts come “alive” in the culinary arts classes. I have worked with chemistry, English, applied communication, art, health science, and foreign language teachers. An example: I was working with a 9th grade English class. When the students were studying “Great Expectations,” the culinary arts classes planned, prepared and hosted a mock wedding reception. It was a GREAT SUCCESS! Not only did it enrich my teaching experience, it also recruited wonderful students who had no idea what culinary arts was about. Not only did the students learn from this experience, I also learned as a teacher. (SD)
  • Put instructions in writing. It eliminates having to repeat over and over. Better yet, have students copy instructions. (NL)

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