Teaching Tips

Jan 20, 2022, 21:24

West Palm Beach (Part 2): 

02 September 2009
  • I developed a reading guide for my students in response to my frustration that students would not read assigned material in the text.  Each reading guide covers a chapter.  This has worked well with all levels of students.  I pull test questions from the reading guides for unit tests plus this helps me to develop a study guide.  Student grades have improved plus the reading guides are useful for me for teacher orientation. (MM)
  • Employment Skill:  If you have an opportunity to share a photo of some special work you did in culinary arts, incorporate this message to your students.  It brings in an interview skill which can be invaluable.  Take a photo of “your own work.”  Design a portfolio approach to your resume.  Chef Walter Tanner and I discussed this and decided it was a good policy to utilize photos of skills you are proficient in so that you can readily field questions when asked.  “A photograph is worth a thousand words.”  This gives the job seeker a chance to show off and “lead” the interview into areas where they are strong. (JF)
  • To help raise my ESL students’ self-esteem, which may be floundering due to not only language but also to lack of exposure to American food, I ask them to prepare a luncheon for the entire class using foods from their culture.  I reimburse them for their expenses.  It is rewarding to see some of the shyness disappear, smiles come on their faces when the other students enjoy the food, thank them and attempt to communicate with them.  It brings the class closer together even though they stay in their own group (due to translation). (GF)
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