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Feb 28, 2021, 13:58

Lesson Plan: The Professional Chef Rediscovers Soy Sauce

04 March 2012

lesson_march12An e-learning module focusing on the importance of soy sauce as a flavor-enhancer not limited to Asian-style dishes.

Courtesy of CIAprochef.com

These days, big flavor is big news. From Asian to Latin to Mediterranean cuisine, Americans crave intense, authentic flavors. And chefs are looking for new ways—and rediscovering old ways—to enhance flavors and bring depth to their dishes by adding umami, the “fifth taste.”

Naturally brewed Kikkoman Soy Sauce—one of the most umami-enriched ingredients—is a pantry staple and a fixture on Asian tables, and a condiment most of us know as well as salt and pepper. In fact, it’s so familiar today that it hardly seems foreign.

But how much do your students really know about this ancient Asian sauce?

  • Do they understand how soy sauce works to enhance flavor and add umami?
  • Do they realize that soy sauce can add depth and richness to non-Asian dishes without imparting a distinct Asian flavor?
  • Do they know how it's made, and how to distinguish between naturally brewed and non-brewed soy sauce?

Through videos, commentaries and recipes at ciaprochef.com, students can learn why many non-Asian chefs consider soy sauce a must-have umami ingredient and can’t imagine running a kitchen without it. They’ll also delve into soy sauce and its connection to umami.

Understanding the capabilities of soy sauce will help cooking reach its full flavor potential. By visiting The Professional Chef Rediscovers Soy Sauce online, students can explore the history, science and magic of one of the world’s most versatile umami ingredients, and come away with contemporary ideas that will enhance flavor on the menu. A short quiz at the end allows students to evaluate how much they’ve learned.