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Jul 5, 2022, 9:39
Career Column

Career Column

Joseph D’Alessandro,
President Strategic Hospitality Search

Whether you are a student, grad, entry-level, manager or educator, this new series of articles on career strategy is for you.  With each month we will explore the principles of career management – from your first resume to the retirement party.

For a solid foundation it is best to start with the basics – so we will begin with resumes, job hunting communication and interview tips.  Later in 2009 we will profile specific careers and career paths.  Because we are here to serve you, we will also pay attention to your specific requests and tailor our articles to you whenever possible.  All of the monthly articles will be archived so you can access the helpful information when you need it.

It is my privilege to serve you, the culinary community and CAFÉ.  My sincere desire is that your life is improved by this information.  Alright then, let’s dive into proper resume writing!

Professional Cover Letters and Thank You Notes

Even though text-messages, email and casual attire sends the message that the world is a totally casual place, many “old school” business communication standards still thrive.  Using these methods effectively will establish you as a proper professional.  Crafting persuasive cover letters and courteous thank you notes will help set you apart as the right candidate for the job.