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Mar 28, 2020, 21:59

CAFE Update May 14, 2019

28 May 2019

Special at the 2019 Leadership Conference!

RKG GameBoard web

On Friday afternoon, following the full day of programming featuring industry updates, there will be a special hospitality/happy hour where attendees are encouraged to “meet and greet” as well as participate in a “GAME”?

Don’t miss this opportunity to play the new RESERVATIONS game! Join the fun, enjoy yummy snacks, and learn something too! Winners will receive a special prize, and all game participants will receive a discount on the new game from ATP.

  • Reservations: A Culinary & Hospitality Knowledge Game addresses key concepts in culinary arts, restaurant management, and hospitality curriculums. Along the game path, players/teams can land on one of the six proficiency spaces to respond to a question about Nutrition & Food Chemistry, Menu Terminology, Cost Control, Sanitation & Safety, Food & Beverage Preparation, and Hospitality & Lodging. In addition, players/teams can also land on a space to respond to a question about Flavor Builders, Tally It Up (math), and Food History.
  • Once a player/team has correctly answered one question in each of the six Proficiency areas, the player/team moves to the Advancement space. If the player/team answers the Advancement question correctly, they advance to the Supervisor level. Players/teams continue playing until the same has been achieved for the Manager level and then the Executive level. The first player/team to correctly answer the Advancement question for the Executive level wins! Five game variations provide instructors options based on: Supervisor Proficiency; Manager Proficiency; Executive Proficiency; Specialty Knowledge; or Limited Timeframe.

You will be able to sign up for the game at the opening night reception.

Conference information and registration can be found here.

Earning ACF Continuing Education Hours

The range for the ACF CEHs is 17-21 hours. Here is a great chance to attend a conference specifically designed for foodservice instructors AND get valuable continuing education hours towards ACF certification.

Congratulate the 2019 Award Winners

Sysco web

SYSCO University Educator of the Year: Jonathan Deutsch, Drexel University

SYSCO Community College Educator of the Year: Michelle Riley, Johnson County CC

SYSCO Secondary Educator of the Year: Daniel Wagner, Greene County Career and Technology Center

 IPC Seal web

IPC Innovation Award, Postsecondary: Annmarie Chelius, The Academy of the Culinary Arts

IPC Innovation Award Postsecondary Runner Up: Mo Montgomery, Pueblo Community College

IPC Innovation Award Secondary: Evelyn Sussman, Stafford County Public Schools


Brightwater Green Award: Joseph Bonaparte, Int’l Culinary Institute Myrtle Beach

Brightwater Entrepreneurship Award: L.J. Rush, Guilford Technical Community College

The Award Ceremony will be Thursday evening, June 20th, at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte.

Congratulations to everyone who sent in applications. There are remarkable efforts going on throughout the country. You are all winners in foodservice education!


May 29, 2019
Hotel Deadline, Leadership Conference

June 20-22, 2019
15th Annual CAFE Leadership Conference, Charlotte, NC hosted by Central Piedmont Community College and Johnson & Wales University