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Delmar Announces Publication of Case Scenarios in Hospitality Supervision

news1_oct09Delmar, part of Cengage Learning and a leader in skills-based solutions for educational institutions, businesses and professionals, announces the publication of Case Scenarios in Hospitality Supervision, a resource guide for hospitality personnel. The book is based on common challenges in the industry and actual encounters in the field by author Dr. Peter Szende, a faculty member in the School of Hospitality Administration at Boston University.


Case Scenarios in Hospitality Supervision (ISBN: 1428321403, $49.95) presents 75 vignettes depicting real-life managerial dilemmas in the setting of the fictional Royal Hotel. The book focuses on scenarios that often happen to new managers, with particular emphasis placed on sharpening critical-thinking abilities and developing leadership. The setting of the Royal Hotel simulates real life, engaging students in a particular situation and helping to bridge the gap between classroom and industry.

Coaching the front line on “soft” skills is one of the more challenging areas for hospitality managers and trainers today. Szende’s book was crafted to aid development and honing of such skills through realistic cases categorized by type and addressing a diverse range of personnel topics, including:

  • Sensitivity toward an individual’s religion and faith
  • Handling gossip
  • Teaching the acceptance of criticism and avoiding defensiveness
  • Identifying humor vs. sarcasm
  • Gaining trust and rapport

Several of the book’s chapters speak specifically to conveying respect while establishing authority and achieving desired outcomes, such as Dealing with Employee Problems and Problem Employees; Building Your Leadership Credibility; When Employees Are Challenging Your Leadership; and Encouraging Others.

Case Scenarios in Hospitality Supervision is an invaluable resource for hospitality managers and educators in an era when all sectors of the hospitality industry are appraising their service philosophies to heighten the guest experience,” said Jim Gish, senior acquisitions editor, Delmar. “From meeting human-resources requirements to managing a diverse workforce, Case Scenarios in Hospitality Supervision provides the tools necessary to maximize individual and team performance in any guest-service opportunity.”

Additional highlights of Case Scenarios in Hospitality Supervision include:

  • Short, thought-provoking scenarios that depict dilemmas often encountered by new managers and first-level supervisors.
  • A “who’s who” for the individuals in each case-study scenario ties into the Royal Hotel organizational chart and employee listing in the preface, helping students to better understand the varying roles within a hotel management structure.
  • Electronic access codes are provided so that readers may review the case studies online; submit answers to the case-study questions electronically; and actively participate in an online discussion forum.

The Instructor’s Manual (ISBN: 978-14283214103, $14.95) for Case Scenarios in Hospitality Supervision contains detailed exploration of each case and suggestions for guiding student discussions.

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