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Lesson Plan: Experience a World of Flavor—the Caribbean

07 January 2013

lesson_jan13Volume VII in the World Culinary Arts Series at, focusing on the cuisines of Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago.

Take your students on a virtual tour of the islands of the Caribbean, where leading chefs and food authorities explain and demonstrate their culinary techniques in step-by-step detail. The Culinary Institute of America, in association with Unilever Food Solutions, presents “Savoring the Best of World Flavors: The Caribbean,” the seventh edition of the World Culinary Arts Series. A first-of-its-kind video reference library documenting the “gold standards” of world cuisines, these HD video podcasts are packed with cooking demonstrations, in-depth interviews and recipes.

Videos include “Introduction to Jamaican Cuisine,” “Puerto Rico’s Street Food” and “A Tour of Trinidad’s Market,” plus many that demonstrate specific recipes. View the streaming videos in this online series, subscribe to the video podcast or order your own DVD set. (Shipping and handling charges may apply; valid only for residents of the United States and Canada.) Additionally, recipes from in-country chefs and presenters and those developed by Unilever are downloadable from the site as .pdf files.


To embark on your online culinary sojourn of the Caribbean, visit

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