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February 2020 Issue

February 2020 Issue

Gold Medal Classroom: 
The official ezine for CAFE  |  February 2020 issue


Porcini Turnips w Soy Sauce Demi Glaze Hero web

Using traditional Asian flavors untraditionally.

Chefs mashup flavors to create unusual combinations with familiar turkey.

CAFE Embraces change in the culinary field. Definition of change (verb): make or become different. CAFE can help with that.



a8308085617c33314a3f8a8cd6417fdc M50 Minute Classroom: Do’s and Don'ts of oral food presentations.

Think Tank: Education works best when teachers act as facilitators and not sole providers.

Mayo’s Clinic: Enhancing and honoring civil behavior as well as respectful attitudes in classrooms.

mtg farm photo 2 web MEET THE GROWERS:

Lamb: Sheep ranching in 2020 is like traveling back in time: One year in the life of a sheep flock complete with a shepherd and working dogs.


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New study explores dessert dining differences among consumers.

February is officially Potato Lover’s Month.


CAFÉ’s Industry Resource Center lists more than 80 commodity boards, associations and growers with links to their foodservice web sites. Educators can find classroom visual aids, downloadable materials, blogs, videos and research. Industries featured include meat, poultry, seafood, produce and dairy just to name a few.

CAFE Vision: American Lamb Cuts and Carcass
Watch a video featuring an overview of a lamb carcass and cuts presented by Mark DeNittis, past chef instructor at Johnson and Wales University, Denver. The video features primal cuts of lamb and menu items made with each of the cuts.

edition announcement duck webCAFE Industry Resource Center Feature: National Onion Association
Onions are a staple for foodservice operators. They also play an important role in culinary education. From knife skills to flavoring a sauce, and from center of the plate applications to condiments, the National Onion Association has created Layers of Flavor online curriculum for culinary instructors, students, and professional chefs. Course appropriate for ACF continuing education hours as well as classroom instruction.