May 23, 2017, 8:00
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Competition Guidelines:


  • All interested instructors must submit a completed application and “Inspired”, tested, pork recipe with quality photo( JPEG) of the finished dish (This pork entrée may not need to be the same item that selected contestants use in the competition).
  • The protein must be American pork from one of the three listed primal/sub-primals:
    • The Loin
    • The Pork Shoulder (Blade or Picnic)
    • Pork Belly
  • The menu balance must be in line with portion sizes and balance appropriate for today’s diet.  It is recommended that protein not exceed 6 ounces, and that vegetable and starch portions reflect ADA recommendations for nutritional balance.
  • The National Pork Board will ask for your approval to use selected recipes in their publications and promotions.
  • The deadline for application submission is April 1, 2017.
  • Three finalist applicants will be chosen to compete at the Annual CAFÉ Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL
  • Selection of finalists will be based on the visual presentation as displayed in attached photos, nutritional balance, complements of nutrition, color and texture, creativity, and perceived flavor profile based on review of the recipe.
  • All selected contestants must register for attendance at the CAFÉ Leadership Conference.

For those Selected
Uniform and Tools:

  • All participants are expected to arrive in complete, pressed chef whites, black pants, polished black shoes, and with white chef aprons and side towels, and chefs hat or skullcap.
  • All participants are to bring their own knives and any specialty hand tools.  All other equipment, including china, will be available in the host kitchen.

Food Supplies:
All participants will be provided the same market basket of ingredients and will be notified of the pork protein in advance.  Standard “free” items will also be made available (a complete list will be provided to those competitors selected for the competition).

The Menu:

  • Competitors are allowed to bring in recipes for the assigned protein. 
  • Competitors will be required to develop a menu for the competition once they have been given the market basket and will have 15 minutes to do so at the beginning of the competition. 

The Menu Focus:
The menu should be designed for a full-service, white tablecloth restaurant with check averages in the mid to high $20 range. 

  • The menu must include the following:
    ENTRÉE (Pork – Center of the Plate Feature)
  • The competitor will be required to prepare four (4) portions for judging (3 will be tasted by our judges and one for display.


  • There will be four judges (1 floor judge and 3 tasters).
  • Competitors will be assigned a staggered start time and a window for presentation.  Failure to meet the designated window for presentation may result in disqualification.

Judging Criteria:
The Floor Judge will evaluate the following:

  • Proper Sanitation and Product Safety
  • Organization of Work Area (mise en place)
  • Use of proper cooking techniques
  • Timing to ensure the highest quality product
  • Menu creativity
  • Grace under fire

The Tasting Judges will evaluate the following:

  • Effective use of designated protein
  • Taste and flavor
  • Plate composition (balance of nutrition, appropriate portion sizes, color and texture balance)
  • Plate presentation (attractive and appetizing presentation, realistic for consistent execution in a restaurant)
  • Food texture and temperature (hot food hot, warm plate, degree of doneness)

*NOTE: All competitors will have 2 hours to prepare their four portions once their time has begun.

Although there may be assistance available for cleanup, competitors are expected to clean their stations and take care of remaining food using proper storage procedures.

Each competitor will receive a full critique from the judges at the end of the competition.

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