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Green Tomato: 10 Easy and Effective Ways to Green Clean Your Restaurant

By Anselm Doering

Commercial oven cleaners contain some of the most toxic chemicals found in any restaurant kitchen. What works just as well and is safe on the environment? This tip and nine more will help you be more ecologically and even economically sound.

Coke and Pop Rocks can kill. Elvis is coming back. And green cleaning a restaurant is burdensome, expensive and less effective than the traditional toxic approach.

I cringe each time I hear this. The green-cleaning myth, that is. Elvis, I’m not so sure. He may indeed be alive and well and living in Las Vegas.

But, when it comes to green cleaning restaurants, there are many quick, simple, environmentally preferable procedures that SAVE money and IMPROVE cleaning. Immediately.

Here are 10 easy and effective ways to improve green cleaning at your restaurant:

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