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50-Minute Classroom: Assessment

weinerStudents want to be assessed. It appeals to their emotions and egos. Find ways to assess them beyond merely awarding a letter grade.

By Adam Weiner, CFSE

There is a Jimmy Buffet song called “Fruitcakes” that contains the line, “We all got ‘em, we all want ‘em. Now what do we do with them?” We might not want assessments, but we all got them, and the question becomes: “What do we do with them?” I submit that creative assessments can be used to inspire your students to levels they (and you) thought they could never reach.

Whether you teach in a rich suburb, an inner-city school, a nonprofit vocational center or the top culinary academies in the world, you will always have less-than-ideal students in your class. Because of physical, emotional or mental problems, because of upbringing, because of poverty or substance abuse, or because of a myriad other factors, you will have students who need extra motivation, who need extra inspiration. The purpose of this article is to show how assessments can be used to accomplish these two goals.

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