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50-Minute Classroom: Teaching Nutrition, Part 1 of 2

March is National Nutrition Month. And as the general rules of nutrition keep changing, students are mentally tuning out. Here, Chef Weiner explains how to emphasize the first four of 10 unchanging basic facts.

By Adam Weiner, CFSE

Culinary teachers at all levels tend to be uncomfortable teaching nutrition because:

  • we are expected to be experts in the field, but have spent very little time being trained about nutrition,
  • when we started cooking, “healthy food” was basically food that people wouldn’t want to cook or eat,
  • our students have heard so much about nutrition and obesity they mentally turn off when we start talking about “healthy,” and
  • most importantly, THE RULES KEEP CHANGING. Just when I figured out how to use a “pyramid” they switched me to a “plate.”
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