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Jun 26, 2017, 15:36
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16 May 2016


June 23, 2016: National Pork Board Competition, Chicago
November 15, 2016: Proposals for 2017 Educational Best Practices Due
June 22-24, 2017: 13th Annual CAFÉ Leadership Conference, Myrtle Beach


Hands-on Master Classes
Opening Nigh Reception/Awards
Full day Industry Outreach
Full day Educational Best Practices
Trends Presentations
ACF continuing education hours
It's not too late to register!  Go to for online registration.  You can use a credit card or request to be invoiced.  Master classes still available.

Have you read the May issue of "The Gold Medal Classroom"? 


Every Gold Medal Classroom edition is designed with culinary educators in mind. This edition is particularly full of practical information that can be implemented into the classroom right now or drawn upon in the current planning meetings for next year.

Chef Adam Weiner discusses tactics instructors can use to challenge soon-to-be-graduates. Cooking with a recipe is one method; however cooking by description requires a more advanced skill set. As students become more proficient increase the challenge's difficulty and let them know excuses are not acceptable. A "Get It Done" attitude will take new chefs far into their careers.

Other ready-to-use classroom techniques can be found in two new Lesson Plans articles. One story about teaching the benefits of sustainable seafood features the National Aquaculture's web site and their teaching resources. Another story has summer in mind with proper cutting, yield and storage of watermelon. Waste not want not!

Paul Sorgule features value in his monthly Think Tank column, which goes far beyond the price of a culinary education. As program directors hold budget meetings and curriculum changes are considered, he challenges you to look at your program and ask why should the right student choose you? It's a challenging test.

Speaking of tests, Dr. Fred Mayo directly addresses students in his Mayo's Clinic column,Test-Taking Skills. Here instructors can help students find strategies to successfully take tests regardless of format. You can also read Kendall College's Chef Christopher Quirk's Guest Speaker article about his students successfully developing QSR business skills. They can serve up to 170 covers in an hour. That's a busy QSR and a great learning environment!

Facilities planners can look at the MUSE School Kitchen model when planning for more environmentally friendly restaurants. The private school just earned the Greenest Restaurant in the World designation from the Green Restaurant Association.

Finally, according to the National Peanut Board, less than one percent of all Americans have a peanut allergy and Millennials are looking for more ways to consume the healthy snack. Its not just about peanut butter and jelly anymore!
As the instruction year ends and your To-Do list multiplies inexplicably, take time to invest in yourself as an educator and member of the culinary arts community. It is time well invested.

Have a great month -

Lisa M. Parrish

GMC Editor

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